Planning a cruise wedding: Do’s and Don’ts


Dreaming of a wedding that transcends the ordinary? Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by the azure waters of the open sea, as gentle ocean breezes whisper their blessings. A cruise wedding offers the perfect blend of romance, adventure, and breathtaking beauty. However, planning such an extraordinary celebration requires careful navigation through a sea of details. In this comprehensive guide, we will unveil the do’s and don’ts of planning a spectacular cruise wedding, ensuring smooth sailing from start to happily ever after.


The Do’s of Planning a Cruise Wedding:

1. Do Choose the Perfect Cruise Line and Ship: Set the tone for your dream wedding by selecting the cruise line and ship that best align with your vision. Research different cruise lines, and compare amenities, onboard activities, and destinations. Find the vessel that will provide the perfect backdrop for your romantic journey. Imagine the grandeur and elegance of a Burrard Queen wedding, where every detail is meticulously crafted to create an unforgettable experience.

2. Do Start Planning Early: Embarking on a cruise wedding requires meticulous planning, so set sail on your planning journey as early as possible. Contact the cruise line’s wedding coordinator well in advance to secure your desired date and venue. Early planning ensures you have ample time to make arrangements, customize your wedding experience, and tackle any challenges that may arise.

3. Do Understand the Legal Requirements: Navigating the legal waters is crucial when planning a cruise wedding. Each cruise line and destination has its own set of requirements, including marriage licenses, documentation, and deadlines. Research the legal obligations associated with your chosen cruise line and destination, and ensure you fulfil all necessary requirements to make your marriage legally valid.

4. Do Personalize Your Wedding Experience: Infuse your cruise wedding with your unique style and personality. Work closely with the wedding coordinator to customize your ceremony, reception, and onboard activities. From personalized vows to thematic decor, let your love story shine through every element. Create a wedding experience that reflects who you are as a couple and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

5. Do Consider Guest Accommodations: Ensure your guests have a memorable and comfortable experience by coordinating accommodations with the cruise line. Provide a range of options to suit different budgets and preferences. Make sure to communicate the booking process and provide all necessary information to facilitate a smooth journey for your guests.

6. Do Plan Onshore Celebrations: Make the most of your cruise wedding by planning unforgettable onshore celebrations at various ports of call. Organize group excursions, explore local attractions, or arrange beachside receptions. These off-ship events will allow your guests to immerse themselves in the destinations you visit and create cherished memories beyond the onboard festivities.

7. Do Prepare for the Unexpected: Despite meticulous planning, unexpected circumstances can arise during a cruise wedding. Be prepared for potential challenges like adverse weather conditions or itinerary changes. Maintain flexibility and collaborate closely with the cruise line’s wedding coordinator to find suitable alternatives and ensure a seamless experience for you and your guests.


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The Don’ts of Planning a Cruise Wedding

1. Don’t Neglect Your Budget: Avoid drifting into financial stormy waters by setting a realistic budget from the outset. Consider all costs, including the cruise fare, wedding package, guest accommodations, transportation, and additional expenses. Keep track of your spending and make informed decisions to ensure your cruise wedding remains within your financial means.

2. Don’t Overlook the Fine Print: Thoroughly review the terms and conditions provided by the cruise line. Pay attention to cancellation policies, refundable deposits, and any restrictions that may affect your wedding plans. Understanding the fine print will help you make informed decisions and avoid any unforeseen surprises.

3. Don’t Forget about Guest Experience: While planning your dream wedding, it’s essential to consider your guests’ experience. Provide clear communication regarding travel arrangements, embarkation procedures, and any additional events or activities they can participate in. Make their journey enjoyable and seamless by providing detailed information and answering any questions they may have.

4. Don’t Set Unrealistic Expectations: It’s important to have a clear understanding of what a cruise wedding entails. While it offers a unique and magical experience, there are limitations and restrictions due to the nature of being onboard a ship. Manage your expectations and work closely with the wedding coordinator to find creative solutions that align with the cruise environment.

5. Don’t Neglect Self-Care: Amidst the excitement of wedding planning, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Planning a cruise wedding can be demanding, so make sure to allocate time for self-care and relaxation. Stay organized, delegate tasks when needed, and surround yourself with a support network to make the journey smoother and more enjoyable.



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Planning a cruise wedding is an exhilarating adventure that requires careful navigation. By following the do’s and avoiding the don’ts outlined in this comprehensive guide, you’ll set sail on a remarkable journey toward your dream wedding. Whether you choose the allure of a Burrard Queen wedding or embark on a different cruise ship, may your celebration be filled with love, joy, and memories that will last a lifetime. Bon voyage to your extraordinary cruise wedding experience!