Explore the breathtaking views of Vancouver with Burrard Queen scenic routes

Explore the breathtaking views of Vancouver with Burrard Queen scenic routes

Exploring Vancouver’s waterfront from English Bay to Lighthouse Park.

Burrard Queen is not only a luxurious vessel but also an excellent option to explore the stunning surroundings of Vancouver. The yacht takes you on a journey through some of the most picturesque locations in the city, offering breathtaking views of the landscape. Here are some of the scenic routes covered by Burrard Queen:


English Bay

As the Burrard Queen sets sail from the Vancouver Harbour towards the west, it enters English Bay, a gorgeous body of water nestled between downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park. The calm waters of the bay and the stunning views of the surrounding mountains make it a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the city.


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Canada Place

Located at the heart of the city, Canada Place is one of Vancouver’s most iconic landmarks. The Burrard Queen cruises by Canada Place, offering a unique perspective of this impressive building. With the North Shore Mountains in the background, Canada Place presents an awe-inspiring sight that is hard to forget.


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Stanley Park

One of the largest urban parks in North America, Stanley Park is a must-visit destination in Vancouver. The Burrard Queen sails around the park, offering visitors a chance to witness the beauty of the lush greenery and the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean. From the yacht, you can catch a glimpse of the park’s most popular attractions, including the Totem Poles and the Lion’s Gate Bridge.



Lion’s Gate Bridge

One of the most recognizable landmarks in Vancouver, the Lion’s Gate Bridge is an engineering marvel that spans the Burrard Inlet, connecting downtown Vancouver to North Vancouver. The Burrard Queen passes underneath the bridge, offering visitors an unobstructed view of this impressive structure.


West Vancouver Lighthouse Park

The final destination on the scenic route covered by Burrard Queen is the West Vancouver Lighthouse Park. This stunning park is home to several hiking trails, secluded beaches, and a historic lighthouse. As the yacht navigates towards the park, passengers can witness the rugged beauty of the coastline and the abundant marine life in the area.

Burrard Queen offers an unforgettable experience of Vancouver’s stunning scenery. Whether it’s the calm waters of English Bay, the iconic Lion’s Gate Bridge, or the rugged coastline of West Vancouver Lighthouse Park, the yacht takes you on a journey of breathtaking natural beauty that is hard to forget.