Shangri-La Cheer – 70 Passenger Yacht (Including Crew)

Introducing the Shangri-la Cheer, an 85-foot luxury yacht offering exclusive private event experiences in the stunning backdrop of Vancouver. This two-floor yacht is the perfect venue for a range of occasions, including birthday parties, bachelor parties, wedding proposals, graduation ceremonies, anniversaries, corporate events, fireworks displays, family gatherings, and more.

With the Shangri-la Cheer, guests can enjoy breathtaking views of Vancouver from the water, accommodating up to 70 attendees with ample space to mingle and move around. The yacht features two washrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a stylish bar, and two impressive audio systems for entertainment.

Renowned for our competitive pricing and exceptional service, Shangri-la Cheer is committed to providing the best experience in Vancouver. We are certified for passenger operations, ensuring the highest safety standards with all necessary safety equipment and a qualified crew on board.

Create unforgettable memories and celebrate in style aboard the Shangri-la Cheer. Contact us today to book your private event and embark on an extraordinary journey on the waters of Vancouver.

Experience luxury, elegance, and unparalleled service with Shangri-la Cheer. Your event on the water awaits!


Our Yacht includes:

Maximum Capacity - 70 Passengers

2-Level Decks

Dining Table & Refrigerator & Bar

High-quality audio system

Functional Kitchen

2 Bathrooms

Book Shangri-La Cheer - Premium Boat Rental In Vancouver

  • Luxury Yacht
  • 70 Passengers guests
  • 2 Level Deck
  • 360-Degree View

Shangri-La Cheer – 70 Passenger Yacht (Including Crew)

Shangri-La Cheer – 70 Passenger Yacht (Including Crew)


Shangri-La Cheer – 70 Passenger Yacht (Including Crew)